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Pioneers Post features EOF’s move to UNICEF

Pioneers Post has featured the Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) and our recent move to UNICEF as an independent trust fund in its impact finance bulletin.

The bulletin outlines EOF’s global expansion and highlights our particular focus on designing outcomes-based programs that improve education for marginalized populations including girls, rural populations, children with disabilities, and refugees. Pioneers Post also notes how EOF’s model “increases financial and operational accountability for governments and for education providers, and ensures that funding is only spent on interventions that work.”

Emphasizing COVID-19’s impact on learners and the crucial role of education investment in a post-pandemic world, Pioneers Post shared comments from Robert Jenkins, UNICEF’s Chief of Education and EOF Executive Committee Member. Highlighting the impetus for EOF’s new hosting arrangement and its significance in the current environment, he said: “The pandemic has upended the education of millions of children and made a global learning crisis even worse…investment in children’s learning now is critical to safeguarding their future and the future of their communities and countries.”

Read the full bulletin here.


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