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Our Partners

Who we work with


Governments are crucial partners in every EOF program, setting objectives, ensuring programs are aligned with their policy priorities, and co-funding the outcomes achieved. EOF is also supporting governments to build internal capacity to commission and oversee results-based financing programs in other areas, ensuring a lasting legacy.


Teachers are at the core of any education system, and their support is essential for any intervention to be effective. We are engaging with teachers’ associations and unions in the design of EOF, and we will help fund programs that build teachers’ capacity to deliver quality education for all.


We ensure that donors’ funding in EOF programs only goes to what works. Our structure incorporates rigorous monitoring, evaluation, and transparency of program performance. This way we can scale interventions that demonstrate the best results and value for money.

Children and Youth

We are focused on putting the needs of students at the heart of how we fund programs. We look beyond just literacy and numeracy, prioritizing social and emotional skills, ICT skills, skills needed to promote sustainable development, and other crucial elements of a quality education.


By working on outcomes programs, implementers are empowered to adapt and innovate based on what is working on the ground. Implementers can attract upfront capital from impact investors, who can fund their programs and assume the financial risk.

Civil society

Civil society organizations (CSOs) play an important role in national education systems – both as service delivery organizations and as advocates for inclusive, quality education. For this reason, we actively seek guidance and feedback from local CSOs during both program design and implementation.

Impact investors

We partner with impact investors who are aligned with our mission and share our objective to help improve learning outcomes. Investors provide upfront capital and management support to education organizations and are repaid by EOF based on the learning and employment outcomes achieved.


We were set up by the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (Education Commission) and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment in 2018. Over the past several years, we have been privileged to have had the support of donor and philanthropic organizations across the world.

Our Sponsors

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