Our Mission:

By 2030 nearly half of the world’s children will be failing to learn, and Africa and the Middle East will be home to most of them.   Our mission is to create a game-changing approach to financing high-quality education in the region by paying for results.  In doing so, we will come one step closer towards realizing our vision of a world in which all children and young people are in school and learning.


How EOF works


Why it's different

EOF will be the largest pay-for-success investment mechanism focused on education that the region has ever seen.  The structure represents a major shift in how we fund and deliver programs allowing us to align incentives around outcomes, foster innovation and flexibility in program delivery, bring in new sources of private capital, and reach a larger number of students than would otherwise be possible.

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Our CEO, Dr. Amel Karboul, shares actionable ideas to ensure that every child is in school -- and learning -- within just one generation

“[Impact Bonds] are among the more exciting and potentially promising instruments to recently enter the innovative financing market… This approach transforms a development challenge into an investible opportunity rather a problem.”

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