EOF joins UNICEF as a hosted trust fund

We are delighted to announce that EOF has joined the UN family as an independent trust fund under the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). This is a major milestone in our growth and represents a widespread commitment to using outcomes approaches in tackling the global learning crisis.  

About EOF

The Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) is an ambitious effort to significantly improve learning and employment outcomes by tying funding to measurable results. Through a partnership model, we bring together governments, donors, implementing partners, and investors to achieve concrete targets for learning, skill development, and employment. Using our global platform, we are scaling up results-based financing in education, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of spending and transforming the lives of 10 million children and youth.

Featured video

Face the figures - #SaveOurFuture

The Education Outcomes Fund is proud to be a part of the Save Our Future initiative, working to ensure that education funding remains a top priority through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Learn more at: saveourfuture.world.


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