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The Impact Revolution: EOF Chair Sir Ronald Cohen publishes new book

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has elevated growing inequality to a global emergency. The widening gap between rich and poor demands what EOF Chair Sir Ronald Cohen calls the “Impact Revolution” in his new book, ‘IMPACT.’ We’re delighted to share with you some excerpts below.

As the ‘father of social investment,’ Sir Ronald articulates how the Impact Revolution is already “reshaping our economic system, transforming the private sector from a polluter and driver of inequality into a powerful force for good; distributing opportunity more fairly; and bringing solutions to our great social and environmental challenges.”

The book delves into Outcomes Funds, in particular, as a vehicle of change. He says:

“Outcomes Funds will catalyse breakthroughs that will enable the world’s best NGOs and social entrepreneurs to raise more money, scale their operations and help more people.”

The challenges confronting our global system appear to be increasing exponentially; time is running out for bold solutions to the pressing needs of the world’s vulnerable. Sir Ronald believes that large Outcomes Funds “will bring systemic change in education, healthcare, employment and the environment, changing the reality on the ground and resulting in more effective programs.”

Citing Outcomes Funds as a “compelling new asset category” for investors, and an agile way to scale change for millions of children, Sir Ronald outlines what the future could look like in a world focused on results.

IMPACT is available here.


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