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EOF High-Level Steering Group Member Vikas Pota Hosts T4 World Education Week

5 October 2020, World Teachers’ Day, marked the kick-off of the inaugural T4 World Education Week. From 5–9 October 2020, this ambitious global conference is bringing together one hundred schools from around the world for its Global Showcase program of events in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on Quality Education (SDG 4), which commits to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all. With an expected audience of 100,000 worldwide, the event is likely to set records as the biggest education conference ever held.

World Education Week host and convenor Vikas Pota, who is an Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) High-Level Steering Group Member, recently highlighted what the conference aims to achieve:

“The idea behind World Education Week was to enable these one hundred schools to share their expertise and excellence [with] other schools around the world so that we can accelerate our journey towards achieving SDG 4…

By sharing the ways in which these schools have developed this expertise, we can encourage others to feel inspired to undertake the same journey to excellency.”

World Education Week’s Global Showcase will facilitate one hundred virtual events, during which schools will share their educational expertise and best practices with audiences online. The schools, which represent every continent, will be coming together in support of this year’s World Education Week theme, “Learning Today.” Events will align with topics of enhancing employability and life-skills; deepening family and community engagement; the use of technology; a focus on wellbeing; and promoting the science of learning and teaching.

Expressing his appreciation for the global education community and for all the schools involved in World Education Week, Mr. Pota said:

“I am incredibly inspired by the schools that applied to take part in this year’s World Education Week. Their commitment to improving the life chances of their learners by nurturing expertise and wanting to share their experience with others, especially in these challenging times, says a lot about the global education community. They are our heroes and World Education Week provides us all an opportunity not just to learn from them, but to celebrate their successes, too.”

To learn more about World Education Week, click here.

To view the Global Showcase program of events, click here.

To register for an event, click here.


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