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EOF CEO Amel Karboul speaks at CogX 2019

Education Outcomes Fund (EOF) CEO Amel Karboul recently spoke during CogX 2019: The Festival of AI and Emerging Technology conference. The event brought together leading experts from industry, government and academia to discuss opportunities and challenges posed by current and future innovations in AI and emerging technologies.

Karboul appeared on the “Future of Work and Education” panel discussion. She highlighted how AI and technology could bring new solutions to the learning crisis in the Middle East and Africa. These regions face an immense demographic shift that is severely straining their education systems and job markets.

Karboul highlighted how new technologies can be used to measure learning outcomes and monitor performance management in schools. But funding shortages and nervousness about technology are blocking any significant progress in this direction. Karboul sees EOF’s ability to drive investment in innovative solutions as a way of creating long-term tools to tackle structural and developing challenges in education. Without tracking and improving learning outcomes, the youth of today will not be able to access and succeed in the jobs of tomorrow.

Watch the panel discussion below.


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