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EOF CEO Amel Karboul looks for Partnerships for Public Purpose at the Global Schools Forum event

EOF CEO Amel Karboul spoke at the Global Schools Forum event The Complementary Role of Non-State Actors in Delivering Quality Basic Education on 21 January. Amel highlighted how the public and private sectors, civil society, NGOs, governments and others can collaboratively work towards innovation in education.

Amel hopes that EOF can shift approaches to partnerships in the education sector - evolving from simply “Public Private Partnerships” (PPPs), to “Partnerships for Public Purpose.” EOF will prioritize empowering a diversity of stakeholders – including non-state actors – to help achieve learning outcomes while still allowing the flexibility to innovate.

Amel said: “So far, we know how to do partnerships to build bridges and buildings, but we don’t know how to do partnerships for education, for human capital. So, the idea behind Education Outcomes Fund is to form a new type of contract between various partners that is extremely focused on results and learning by paying for them.”

Watch the full video here.


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