• There is a growing body of evidence that shows that pay-for-success financing results in better education outcomes as service providers are empowered to deliver what works for students

  • The immense scale of this fund will allow us to reach tens of thousands of students within just a few years, more than the number of students reached by all existing education impact bonds in low and middle-income countries combined



  • The Fund will unlock access to capital markets for non-profits and profit-for-purpose enterprises, thereby enabling programs with a strong track record to scale
  • Flexible funding and aligned incentives allow for continuous improvement of services so providers are empowered to deliver what works for students


  • By aligning investments to national education priorities, the Fund will help governments unlock new funding to strengthen public education with additional capacity and capabilities through non-state actors
  • The Fund’s rigorous performance monitoring and evaluation will also support governments in coordinating and regulating non-state actors


  • For investors, the Fund represents a new platform to invest at scale in the MEA region with the potential to grow shareholder returns while achieving significant impact
  • With geographic and thematic investment windows, the Fund will enable attractive, uncorrelated returns across a broad diversified portfolio of impact bonds


  • The outcomes payment model means that donors only pay for what works, transferring delivery risk to impact investors who stand to gain a return if the intervention is successful
  •  The Fund’s rigorous performance monitoring and evaluation provides greater transparency and accountability for programs, amounting in better outcomes and better value compared to current spending
  • The Fund’s scale and programmatic investment strategy will allow donors to reach a larger number of beneficiaries at a lower transaction cost through centralized expertise and coordinated commissioning